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Chemistry is a fascinating, rewarding and incredibly versatile subject to study, which has strong links to all the sciences

Our bachelors and masters degree programmes will give you a good grounding in the essentials of chemistry.

You will study in a supportive and exciting community, led by academics who are pioneering innovative ways to teach. You will develop essential skills through hands-on laboratory work, lectures and seminars and gain confidence in vital workplace skills such as communication and presentation.

Our degrees allow a great deal of flexibility, allowing excellent students to switch onto their preferred course. Courses include; MChem Chemistry; BSc Chemistry; MSci Chemistry and Biochemistry; MChem Chemistry with Maths; MChem Chemistry with Medicinal Sciences; MChem Chemistry with research project abroad or industry experience; MChem Chemistry with year-long industry placement.

Chemistry - taught courses

Chemistry at Southampton has a national and international reputation for excellence.

We provide unique services such as the UK’s National X-ray Crystallography Service, and are committed to providing the best environment for innovative, quality research and teaching in chemistry.

Chemistry at Southampton offers unrivalled opportunities to study taught and research MSc Chemistry masters degrees. Our cutting-edge facilities and world-class academics provide a dynamic environment for graduates who want to continue with their studies.

Our Chemistry Postgraduate Taught and Research Degrees include: MSc Chemistry, MSc Chemistry by Research MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering, MSc Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, MSc Electrochemistry and Battery Technologies, and MSc Magnetic Resonance. We also offer an excellent and supportive environment for PhD study.

Chemistry - research

Discover the elements of success and work alongside world-leading experts in their field who will help you develop into independent, professional scientists.

At Southampton you will gain an advanced understanding of Chemistry and the ability to successfully conduct research in an academic or industrial environment. You will be supported by your supervisory team in becoming a professional scientist able to carry out research to a very high standard, make professional presentations, write research proposals and papers, and provide leadership and manage the work of others.

Applicants are invited to look at the area of research that interests them in one of our seven main research groups:
- Computational Systems
- Electrochemistry
- Chemical Biology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics
- Magnetic Resonance
- Organic Chemistry: Synthesis, Catalysis and Flow
- Characterisation and Analytics
- Functional Inorganic, Materials and
- Supramolecular Chemistry

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate taught courses

Postgraduate PhD courses