Highfield / Highfield - Green area - centre

Highfield Campus – a great place to hang out

There is so much to see and do around Highfield Campus.

Highfield is a very pleasant place to relax, as well as to study. Southampton Common is just a few minutes’ walk away, with The Hawthorns Wildlife Centre situated on its south-east corner.

We are home to three internationally renowned arts venues: 

  • The John Hansard Gallery has a worldwide reputation for exciting and innovative shows, as well as regular seminars, talks and workshops
  • Recognised as a major force in British theatre, the Nuffield runs a full programme of classics, new plays and hosts some of the finest touring companies, stand-up comedians and children’s theatre 
  • Turner Sims is acknowledged as one of the finest music venues in the country

Sustainability at Southampton

Sustainability is about balancing social, economic and environmental elements to build a better future. This includes reducing carbon emissions and minimising our environmental impact.

Our Sustainability Action programme is working to embed sustainability across all the University's activities: curriculum, operations, research and experience. Our student–staff partnerships are educating global citizens with sustainability skills for the future.