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Education, in its many forms, is an integral aspect of all human life. Prepare to understand the intricacies of learning and teaching and positively enhance lives.

Our BSc Education, ranked 2nd in the UK by the Guardian, covers a range of topics, from early years, post-compulsory to lifelong learning. You can gain practical experience through visits to schools and other educational settings, and our flexible approach to your degree also allows you to study the different aspects of education that interest you the most.

This degree will prepare you for your future in education or roles in a wide variety of sectors, and is a stepping stone to study at PGCE, masters or PhD level.

Education and Psychology

Explore the connection between Education and Psychology. Understand how we learn and teach and the impact of different practices and settings as well as psychology.

Our British Psychological Society accredited BSc Education and Psychology delves into topics around teaching and learning, education policy/practice and fundamentals of psychology. Gain practical experience through visits to schools, and other educational settings, and our Research Assistant Scheme. Your flexible degree also allows you to study the different aspects of education and psychology that most interest you.

This course will prepare you for your future in education and psychology related fields or roles in a variety of sectors, and allows further study such as PGCEs, CBT training, or masters and PhD’s in either Education or Psychology.

Education at Southampton

Education courses are taught mainly in the EEE Building. Working in partnership with organisations in the UK and overseas, the Southampton Education School is advancing policy and practice in education, teaching and learning around the world.

Through research we aim to respond to some of today’s key issues: how people will work; the health of future generations; the issue of social equality; and how to ensure a flow of people with the science, technology, engineering and maths skills to help address environmental and other challenges.

Education - taught courses

Our wide selection of postgraduate taught programmes offer you the chance to benefit from intensive teaching while building on the skills and knowledge gained during your first degree.

We offer a variety of routes through to a masters degree in Education, which can be flexible and meet your needs. We provide opportunities for students to develop important skills and enjoy the challenge of marrying issues of research, practice and policy.

Our MSc Education provides a wide range of taught modules for you to choose from. You can also choose one of our more focused masters courses, MSc Education Management & Leadership or MSc Education Practice & Innovation.

We also offer the more flexible options of MSc Education (Online) or MA Education Dissertation through Flexible Study (MA Ed Flex).

Education - research

We are a leading centre of educational research in the UK. Our work is advancing policy and practice in the fields of education, teaching and learning, both nationally and internationally.

We are recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) for our Research Training. The ESRC is the leading UK body responsible for funding and supporting the next generation of researchers to become world class. ESRC recognition reflects the high quality of our student recruitment process, and in the training and support they receive.

Our students are taught by researchers at the forefront of knowledge in their fields. They provide research training that is in line with ESRC guidelines in terms of outcomes, career pathway support, as well as generic training skills and specific methodological techniques.

Postgraduate taught courses

Postgraduate PhD courses