Highfield / Wide Lane - Sports Performance Centre

Sports Performance Centre

The Sports Performance Programme at the University of Southampton provides a full package of strength and conditioning support for high level athletes from a range of sports.

The Sports Bursary and TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) athletes have exclusive access to our strength and conditioning coaches, as well as the University's Sports Performance facility for training sessions as part of their funding and support.

The strength and conditioning rooms are fully equipped with a large selection of free weights and Olympic lifting platforms, as well as conditioning equipment and other sports specific training equipment.

The aim of the Sports Performance Centre is:

  • To provide a specialist area for the delivery of Strength and Conditioning.
  • To devise individual, periodised programmes to maximise performance for major competitions.
  • To create an environment contributing to the overall athlete experience and improvement of sport-specific fitness and lifestyle changes.

This centre provides:

  • Strength and conditioning rooms
  • Free weights
  • Olympic lifting platforms
  • Physiological and biomechanical analysis
  • Individual training sessions with a UKSCA coach who has a minimum of three years' experience developing county, regional or national athletes