Malaysia / Malaysia - Entrance

Engineering Foundation Year

The Foundation Year at the University of Southampton Malaysia is a one year integrated preparatory course that is custom-designed and delivered to prepare students for entry to our BEng or MEng degree programmes, both in Malaysia and in the UK.

Our course provides the same world-leading education that we offer at our UK campus. You will build a solid understanding of the key concepts of mathematics, mechanical science, electricity and electronics, computer applications and engineering principles. You will also learn English for academic purposes and develop the academic skills required to study successfully for an undergraduate degree.

On successful completion of the course, students are offered automatic progression to their undergraduate degree programme.

MEng Aeronautics and Astronautics

Aeronautics and Astronautics brings together advanced engineering across a range of disciplines with applications in air vehicle specification, design and construction.

This integrated masters programme gives you the opportunity to study a more extensive range of aerospace subjects at advanced level than the BEng course. In your first two years, you will gain a solid foundation in aerospace engineering such as aerodynamics, astronautics and propulsion along with a wider appreciation of the economic, legal and environmental issues associated with aircraft operations and aircraft performance. In your final two years you can choose from a broad range of subjects, including modern languages.

MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Southampton is ranked number two in the UK by the Guardian University Guide, 2019.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a challenging and evolving subject that is relevant to a wide range of industries, including the power sector and the electronics industry

At Southampton you will gain a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills required to work in the technology sector, and also the wider range of competencies needed by today’s professional engineer. This breadth of knowledge is developed using a systematic approach to most subjects - blending the core technical syllabus with ongoing design exercises that run the programme. You will use some of the most advanced teaching facilities in the world, and you will put the theory you have learned in lectures into practice to deliver real results.

MEng Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is vital to every aspect of our daily lives – you can see it at work all around you.

Mechanical Engineers research, develop, design, manufacture and test tools, engines, machines and other mechanical devices for a wide range of applications, from the automotive and aerospace fields to biomedical and microsystems. This breadth of knowledge is developed using a systems approach to most subjects -  blending the core technical syllabus with ongoing design exercises that run throughout the programme.